White Single Fill 10 Oz Duck Fabric

White Single Fill 10 Oz Duck Fabric

$9.90 per Yard

Quantity (Yards) at $9.90 / Yard


  • Product ID: PICWHI
  • Content: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 58/60"
  • Finish: Water Repellent
  • Weight: 10 Oz Per Square Yard
  • Construction: 10/1 x 6/1 74 x 28
  • Weave: Duck
  • Features: Dyed & Finished in the USA
  • Care: Not to be washed or dry-cleaned.
  • Maximum Continuous Length: Approximately 50 Yards, when ordering more than 50 Yards please note it may come in more than one piece.

As pure white as the driven snow, this Single Fill 10 oz Duck offers a blank canvas for the imagination. Sturdy but flexible, duck is a versatile and useful fabric made from 100% cotton in a variety of weights and colors. Perfect for work gear, cotton duck can take a lot of abuse and still come out smiling. If white doesn't suit your fancy for gear that might be facing dirty jobs, we offer many other colored or undyed cotton ducks. It's also wonderful for all kinds of totes, including reusable shopping bags, beach totes, duffle bags, and more. Increasingly popular for home décor, cotton duck can also be used in upholstery projects, or as wall and floor coverings!