Colors for home decorating: Unusual and Unique combinations

It is always fun to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and try an unusual and/or unique color combination in your home.  Depending on your budget and your level of courage, you can decorate an entire room in these combinations or you can choose to add the interesting colors through the use of accessories and artwork.  Some color combinations to consider are:

  1. Brown and red:  These colors together create a warm and inviting room.  A brown leather chair welted in red leather will add a level of sophistication to a library, den or family room.  Rich brown linen draperies that feature brown and red fringe trim is a beautiful way to frame a window.  Use red upholstery and accessories to accent the brown cabinetry in your kitchen.
  2. Turquoise and orange:  This bright and zesty combination is one you probably want to use in small doses.  Consider this combination for a beach house, a small kitchen or a child’s bedroom or play area.  If you are looking to brighten up an all neutral interior for the spring and summer, this is a great way to use turquoise, the color of the year.  Trim pillows with orange ball fringe for a playful look, add a turquoise lamp to a side table, sew a band of floral fabric to a pair of inexpensive linen drapery panels.
  3. Black and cobalt blue:  This is a sophisticated and unexpected combination.  It can certainly be used in a gender neutral guest room.  Outlining a pair of plain blue drapes with a wide black ribbon will add “oomph” to ordinary window treatments.  Black fringe will make a blue floral pillow seem much more important.  Use a black lampshade on a blue lamp base for a rich look. 

Design magazines are full of rooms that have been decorated with unique and unusual colors so check them out for design inspiration.  Artwork and fabrics are also good sources for inspiration.