DIY Before & After Transformation

No offense to coasters or anything, but it’s a coffee table’s job to end up scuffed and stained. So when efforts to remove them aren’t panning out, and you feel the urge to build or buy a new one, just go for it. Because you can always turn your old one into something new. And elegant. And stylish. See Exhibit A:

Photo Credit: Lydia of

Photo Credit: Lydia of

And B:

Photo Credit: Lydia of

Photo Credit: Lydia of

Lydia of the DIY blog HuckleBerry Love was responsible for this pretty transformation and here are a few the materials that helped her get there:

-Purple and white Waverly Luminary Lilac fabric

-Upholstery foam

Spray Adhesive


-3M Multipurpose Spray Adhesive


You can see Lydia’s full tutorial here, and as always, feel free to pin, share on Facebook, tweet or +1!