Easy DIY Colorblock Pot

In accordance with my recent profession to exercise my wimpy creative muscles, and take advantage of the well-stocked OFS warehouse we’ve got here, I played with some colorful jute twine yesterday. Here’s the outcome and a mini tutorial.




What I used:

  • Jute Twine (three rolls: Light Blue, Blue, and Ivory)
  • Scissors to cut jute
  • Glue (fabric glue but I think any adhesive would work)
  • Terracotta flower pot (I got mine for fifty cents at Christmas Tree shop but I think any pot, even a plastic one would do…)

How I did it:

First, I consulted my talented friend Kate about which colors would look best and in what order. Then I simply cut a few arm’s lengths of each jute twine color, but if you want equally spaced color blocks, you could always measure each strip to be exact.

I painted strips of fabric glue from the top to bottom of the pot about an inch or so apart, all the way around. Then I started from the bottom wrapping the jute around, constantly pushing the layers flush to minimize the terracotta peeking through. Once at the top, I did a layer or two inside the pot to make sure everything was covered nicely.

That’s it. So easy. It probably took ten minutes from start to finish and dried so quickly! So if you’re an instant gratification person like me, this isn’t a bad project to try out! It didn’t come out perfect, for sure, but I am happy with how it looks. It gives such a nice color and texture to the pot. What do you think? Am I getting somewhere? Click “Pin it” below or share on Facebook, Twitter or Google + if you think so!