Home decor: let’s talk about lace

Let’s talk about lace.  Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a wedding gown or a woman’s lacy nightie.  But lace can be used in home decor as well.

  • Lace curtains are pretty, pure and simple.  They add a soft and feminine look to a bedroom, bath area or country kitchen.  It is best to choose a cotton lace that is machine washable for these areas as they are subject to moisture and splatters from food, makeup etc.
  • Vintage lace can be turned into accent pillows for the bed.  Apply it to a strong backing to protect it and use it for decorative purposes only.
  • Several yards of lace can be used as a tablecover for a formal dinner party, bridal shower or ladies luncheon. 
  • Lace comes in many different colors.  White, ecru, cream, sage, gray, even black lace is available making it possible to customize your window treatments, pillows or linens with your home decor.

Don’t overlook this beautiful fabric because it might be too girlie, too fragile or too old-fashioned.  There are many options available for use in all types of decorating projects.