How to Choose the Best Specialty for Your Business

Your business will be enjoyable and profitable if you choose a sewing specialty that you love. Don’t choose to offer alterations if you hate doing them or make bridal gowns if you would much rather sew baby clothes.

There are so many sewing niches to choose from:

Alterations: If you are good at making alterations and don’t mind doing so, you can earn a steady income offering alteration services. This service can include replacing zippers and buttons and making other repairs.

Bridal Wear: If you love to make beautiful evening wear, this could be the specialty for you. Depending on the details, a custom bridal gown may sell from less than $200 to over $5000.

Children’s Clothes: If you have a flare for making cute, unique children’s clothes, this could be an ideal specialty. Children are generally less difficult to fit than adults are.

Dolls and Toys: Another fun specialty. These items sell well on many of the online craft sewing sites.

Home Décor: Custom home décor items from pillows to drapes are always in demand.

Upholstery: This home décor subspecialty requires special skills and often more than one craftsperson. An upholstery business can be a great choice for a couple to work at together.

Handbags and Purses: This very popular hobby can be a great business if you have unique designs and excellent sewing skills.

Pet Items: Pets (and their owners) like custom sewn items, too. Custom pet coats and beds can be a big hit.

Adaptive Clothing: Making adaptive clothing for the disabled and senior citizens can be a rewarding business.

Dance Costumes and Theater Costumes: Skilled dance costume makers are in demand in areas where there are many local dance studios. Alteration for ready-made dance costumes is another sought after service.

Period Costumes for Re-enactors: Re-enacting historical periods, particularly the American Civil War has become popular. If you are a talented period clothing maker, your services can be in high demand.