How to Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt

A quilted tree skirt.

Making a Christmas tree skirt is actually similar to making a round tablecloth. A simple tree skirt with a 72” diameter can be made from four yards of 45” fabric. Broadcloth, brocade, velour, fleece, and other fabrics can be used.

Fold the four yard length and cut it in half. Sew the two pieces together with a 36” long seam on side.

To cut the circle fold the fabric in half at the seam; now fold it down to form a square. Tie a piece of 36” long string or yarn to your marker or pencil and pin the other end of the string to the far folded corner of the square. Remember that the pinned end must be on the folded corner, otherwise you’ll wind up cutting pie slices rather than a circle. Use a 3” long string attached to your pencil to mark the center circle opening for the tree trunk. If you haven’t used this neat “compass” technique before, I suggest practicing it on a folded piece of paper before using it.

Cut on the markings and unfold the square. You now have your tree skirt shape. A rolled serger hem is great, but you can fold under the edge and hem it on a regular machine if you don’t have a serger. A hand rolled hem is also nice.