Light & Lovely Portfolio Fabrics

What were you up to this weekend? Me? Oohh, I just hung out with a black bear. Not at the zoo.

Photo Credit: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

This is not THE bear, just a bear that looks a lot like him. Photo Credit: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

After a nice dinner at our friends’ house on Friday night, we said our goodbyes and headed out into the night. They live in a pretty woodsy area but I didn’t think twice as my three-year-old led the way to the car in the light of a spectacular full moon. I followed, cuddling our sleeping one-year-old. Then came my husband juggling backpacks and bags full of all the stuff one must have on hand when out with little ones. As I stopped to put our youngest into his car seat, our oldest fearlessly looped around the back of the car to get to his side. Once we were all buckled in, we turned the car around and slowly crept out of the driveway. That’s when we spotted the black bear, right in front of us. I. Was. Psyched. I’ve wanted to see a bear in this very context for so long (we’ve mistaken furry black dogs for bears on more than one occasion)! But this time it was a very real, and massive black bear. And bonus, we got to watch him from the safety of our vehicle. It didn’t seem bothered by us, just bumbled alongside the road in the stream of our headlights for what felt like several minutes. Awesome. But it did take us a while to register that the bear could’ve in fact been hanging out right next to us/our little boy as we were nonchalantly loading into the car!

In other news. We’ve got pretty new Portfolio fabric and I thought you might like to take a peek at some of the prints.




A few pictured above are:

Portfolio Errington Lake Fabric

Portfolio Pyper Lagoon Fabric

Portfolio Henninger Linen Fabric

Portfolio Everson Coast Fabric

Portfolio Everson Spa Fabric

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