Rescuing a Found Treasure–Part I

“Someone else’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

That old saying is certainly true. Worn-out looking furniture can frequently be transformed into beautiful new “treasures” with just a little know-how.  Whether the piece you would like to save has truly seen better days or is just in need of a style update, simple re-upholstering can be the answer. With the host of upholstery fabrics and supplies available at Online Fabric Store’s Décor Store this is a enjoyable task.

Some months ago I found a beautiful, sturdy dining chair sitting out by my apartment complex’s dumpster. Nothing is wrong with the chair that a little TLC can’t fix.

A sturdy, but lumpy cushion can often be repaired by covering it with upholstery batting or thin upholstery foam.  Fortunately, the cushion on my “found treasure”  is still comfortable and sturdy, but the cover is absolutely filthy. The chair needs a new cushion cover and the lovely dark varnish is a bit worn in spots, but once I am done with it you will be amazed.

This lovely large dining chair is in need of a makeover.

Someone had re-covered the chair’s dirty, worn original cover with burlap. Notice how the burlap is now torn.

The cushion will be easy to re-cover and I have a creative idea about the fabric I will use, so stayed tuned for my next posts and watch the transformation.  Re-covering this type of chair cushion does not require any special tools, but special upholstery tools are essential when re-covering an entire arm chair or sofa.

Upholstery tools are essential when covering large pieces like armchairs and sofas.