Secret to Finding the Perfect Fabric

The other day, before I introduced you to the delightful peaches growing in my front yard, I briefly addressed a problem inherent in selling fabric online. You can’t touch it. Selecting fabric has always been a tactile experience. If you’re not able to hold it between your fingertips before you buy, how do you know it’s really the right weight, texture, feeling or even color shade you need and want? The answer is, you don’t.

Showing the characteristics of a fabric using images comes close, for sure. Particularly for fabrics with significant texture.






But no matter how close and crisp the photograph, you still won’t know exactly what it will feel like. And describing how something feels is hit or miss because sense of touch is so subjective. So if you really want to know how a fabric feels, the only option is to feel it. My advice? Get a sample if you’re unsure about a fabric choice for any reason. You can get 4″ x 4″ inch fabric swatches at OnlineFabricStore for just a dollar, with free, fast shipping.