Upcoming Historical Re-enactment Series

An authentic costume worn at a re-enactment of a battle of the French and Indian War. This clothing style was worn by Canadian women at the time of the war.

Historical re-enacting is a very popular hobby with many people around the world. What draws people to this fascinating, involved, and sometimes expensive pastime?

People who sew are sometimes drawn to re-enacting because they love the historic clothing styles and the chance to recreate them with their own hands. Period costumes can range from the simple to the elaborate and many are true works of art.

Join me on October 1, as I begin a month long series on the lively world of historical re-enacting. I’ll explore the types of re-enacting and give a few tips on making simple costumes. I’ll also take a look at the costs of the hobby and list of a few of the numerous re-enactment groups with information online.