Your First Sewing Projects (Giveaway Winner)

The other day, we asked you and our Facebook community the following question:

“What was the first thing you ever sewed?”


While many of your beginner sewing experiences came through the guidance of your grandmothers, mothers or aunts, many of your projects took place in a 7th grade Home Economics class — AKA Home Ec. (For those of you who graduated high school after, say, the year 2000, that’s a course, in school, where you “learn” the basics of sewing, cooking and–yep, even baby care!)  Your answers as to what you first made ran the gamut from cat toys, aprons, and doll clothes to skirts, pajamas and baby bibs.  They were fun to read through and we very much appreciate you sharing them! Here are few of favorites:

“Barbie clothes — from scraps that fell on the floor — while Mama cut out clothes.” -Curtain Lady Designs

“A shirt my grandma helped me make…. I had to wear it as an apron because she decided we should skip the liner and just use a bias…That was the first “note to future self” moment I remembered once I started studying and sewing for theater costume designs.” -Tiffany C.

“A full size alligator pillow with teeth and back ridges for my then 6 year old dd. She thought it was a turtle and told me to go to the zoo because I didn’t know what it should look like. Try number 2 was perfect.” -Cory B.

“‘A shift’ circa 1962 at my grandmother’s knee. She is now 100 yrs old and still sews a little!” -Kathy S.

“A HORRENDOUS first birthday outfit for my little Princess! Thank God I’ve learned since then!! Lol!” -Kailah S.

“My Nana said you should learn to sew by darning sock. I think she and my mom figured they would get all the socks sewn this way. It worked.” -Diane S.

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