Fiberflex Tissue Welting Cord Single - 5/32"

Fiberflex Tissue Welting Cord Single - 5/32"

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  • Product ID: 301001
  • Size: 0.15625"
  • Sold: Sold by the Yard
  • Maximum Continuous Length: Approximately 500 Yards When ordering more than 500 yards it may come in more than one piece.

Fiberflex Tissue Welting Cord is popular for making welting and piping on upholstery, cushions, and throw pillows. The core is made out of paper fiber cellulose, giving it a medium amount a flexibility. Cotton piping is softer and more flexible, while foam welt cord is stiffer. At 5/32", this welting cord is slightly larger than 1/8" and it's sold by the yard.

For more information, see our Piping & Cording Product Guide.

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