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Fabric Glossary



Refers to the capability of a fabric or fiber to return to its original state after being stretched.  Double knits and spandex fabrics have high elasticity.


A process in which heated rollers are used to produce a design in fabrics.  Embossing produces raised designs.


Embellishment of material with thread, yarn or ribbon sewn to produce a design.  There are numerous hand embroidery stitches; the most popular are satin, outline, and cross-stitch.  Machine embroidery uses primarily satin stitches which produce a solid-looking design.

Erosion Cloth:

Biodegradable cloth used to prevent erosion. Special erosion cloth is a  netlike fabric commonly made of jute, a natural plant fiber, which eventually disintegrates nourishing the soil. It is more effective than many other erosion control methods.  The tough net cloth stabilizes slopes and controls erosion  by trapping soil particles and keeping them in place.  Jute burlap and burlap bags can also be used as erosion cloth.  Jute erosion cloth is inexpensive and easy to install.

Erosion Control Matting:

Another name for erosion cloth.  Erosion control matting is a netlike cloth generally made of jute, a biodegradable plant fiber. It is spread out and pinned down to stabilize soil, especially on slopes.  This method keeps particles of soil in place. It  is effective and affordable.  The netting prevents the soil from being blown or washed away. Burlap and burlap bags which are also made of jute are often used as erosion control fabrics.

Eva-Dri Foam:

Brand of upholstery foam which dries quickly.  Upholsterer's foam which is used for seat and back cushions and to pad furniture arms, is often used for patio furniture and marine use.  Eva Dri foam is especially made for outdoor use. It is constructed with open cells which let liquid flow through and allow humidity to quickly evaporate.  This premium foam for outdoor use comes in thicknesses ranging from 1" to 6" and in several different widths and lengths.  The 118" length can make used as a single cushion for a bench or love seat or can be cut into multiple cushions.

Eyelet Fabric:

A fabric with cut-out designs, it frequently has a lacey look, but the background is solid.  The cut-outs are finished with embroidery stitches.  Eyelet fabric is generally made of cotton or a cotton blend. While traditionally available only in white and ecru, modern designs available in a variety of bright and pastel colors.  It is popular for children's clothes, casual clothes and curtains; however, it is also suitable for a less formal wedding dress.  Eyelet designs are traditionally floral, but attractive geometric designs, such as large dots are also available. 

EZ-Dri Foam:

A brand of upholstery foam which is mold and mildew resistant and dries easily.  Ez Dri foam is designed for use on patio furniture and as boat seating.  Its open large pores allow water to quickly drain and evaporate.  It resists household chemicals and pollution although chlorine bleach will discolor it.  This premium outdoor foam has a fungicidal additive which helps prevent stains and odor from fungus and mildew.  It comes in many thicknesses ranging from 1” to 6” and several lengths and widths.  There is an appropriate size for most uses and the foam can be cut to size if needed.